Last Measures:
23/08/2017 21:31:13 +02:00 CEST

Temperature: 24.5 °C
(24.9 °C by sensor 2)
Humidity: 74%
Pressure: 1014.39 hPa

Note: real measures begins on 28/01/2017 16:00:00 +01:00 CET

Actual Weather

(Value in last 3 hours)
Min: 1013.31 hPa
Max: 1014.41 hPa
First: 1013.39 hPa
Last: 1014.39 hPa
Variance: 1.1 hPa

Local Forecast:
Few hours: Stationary
12/24 hours: Unpredictable
24/48 hours: Unpredictable

2017-01-01 00:00:00 by admin
Site was operative. Temperature and Humidity are measured into my lab, so they aren't real local measure.

2017-01-28 16:00:00 by admin
First test for real measures. Sensors is now placed in an external box, placed out the window.

2017-01-29 17:00:00 by admin
Changed placement for external box. Now it isn't exposed to sun and measures real temperature and humidity.

2017-03-09 00:00:00 by admin
Fixed network problem who stops for getting data from remote meteo raspberryPI system.

2017-03-09 00:00:00 by admin
Pressure log started!

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